Pizza Party 2020

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Feed him well and you’ll have his undying devotion. Well, it was just a matter of time before political strategists weaponized this old adage in hopes that hearts=votes.

For anyone that knows me, its no secret that I’m left-leaning in my political views. Except for a few rare local elections, I have not and will not vote Republican for much the same reason I don’t order from Papa Johns: I have standards.

Its no surprise, then, how I reacted when I recently saw a Facebook ad from a PAC supporting Pete Buttigieg sponsoring a “Pizza with Pete” contest:


Now, lest you think I’m so completely shallow as to allow a favorite food to dictate my vote:

  1. Mayor Pete was already at the top of my list
  2. Who am I kidding…I am actually that shallow

Honestly, though…a candidate that is mild-mannered, well-spoken, diplomatic, educated on the issues, AND an unashamed pizza lover to boot?!?


Hell, Pete could have sealed the deal had he just released the photo above, simply posing with a hot pie. Contest be damned!

Bonus points for going with the tavern-style pizza (thin, crispy crust, square-cut) popular throughout the Midwest in lieu of the overhyped deep-dish nonsense most would expect.

Of course, plying me with pizza is a great way to earn my support, but my final vote isn’t cast until the ultimate test is passed: fork or no fork.

Choose wisely, Mayor Pete. America is watching.

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