REVIEW: Cappy’s Pizzeria

For anyone that knows me, the fact that Cappy’s Pizzeria is the first official St. Pizzaburg review should come as no surprise. In my humble opinion, Cappy’s is the Gold Standard of pizza in the ‘Burg…and beyond. In a sea of good, Cappy’s is great.

To say I’m a regular at Cappy’s would be a bit of an understatement. The amazing wait staff doesn’t even bother with menus. After a friendly greeting, they ask one simple question:

“The usual?”

Yep…small greek salad, large New York cheese.

They even remember not to put onions in my greek salad. See, I do eat vegetables…I just keep them in salad where they belong.

So why have I made Cappy’s my home away from home? Besides the warm, welcoming staff, they just make a damn fine pie.

Large New York-style at Cappy’s Pizzeria

I wrote in a previous post about the importance of balance, and Cappy’s nails that perfect crust-sauce-cheese ratio, nearly every time.

The crust is not too thick, not too thin. It’s just crispy enough to hold a nice fold, and just a bit doughy in the outer ring where it really counts. 

Cheese is more flavorful than most, likely due to its partner-in-pie and the real star of the show: the sauce.

More often than not, pizza sauce tends to skew mostly sweet. No doubt because most pizza joints rely on whatever mass-produced, overly-sweetened canned sauce their restaurant supply company carries.

This isn’t always a deal-breaker, but if you’re looking to move from a “good” to a “great” on the pizza spectrum, spending some time crafting an amazing sauce is one way to make that happen. 

Cappy’s has passed that test with flying colors, presenting a peerless sauce that eschews the sweet in favor of a very slight arrabiata kick. That’s what sets Cappy’s apart from all the rest. 

So if you’re in a pizza mood, go ahead and treat yourself to the best the ‘Burg has to offer. Give Cappy’s a try…and tell Hannah, Sam, Allison and the rest of the crew that I said “Hi!”.

Cappy’s Pizzeria
2900 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL
(727) 321-3020
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 5pm-9pm | Friday & Saturday 5pm-10pm

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