Forever Pizza

When future visitors to our planet begin sifting through the rubble of our once great civilization to learn how we, as humans, lived and what things we valued above all else, there will be no shortage of artifacts to provide valuable clues.

Sadly, most or what will remain at that point will be disposable diapers, flip-flops, and 64-oz. styrofoam Double Big Gulp soda cups. Not exactly a time-capsule that inspires a lot of pride.

Missing in this representation of humanity, due to its inherently ephemeral nature, will be life’s greatest pleasure: Pizza.

That is, unless we all do our part in preserving a small bit of mankind’s greatest contribution to the cosmos and pick up a slice of Forever Pizza®.

Forever Pizza® by Steph Mantis

Conceived by artist Steph Mantis as an homage to the family business, each slice is baked by her dad at the family’s pizzeria, Pizza By Alex in Biddeford, Maine, and encased in acrylic.

You can choose between plain or pepperoni. Each piece is unique. A beautifully preserved slice of heaven.

So, if humanity must be remembered for the plastic detritus it leaves behind, at least that plastic can honor something that has provided joy and deliciousness the world over. Our finest creation, forever remaining as a reminder that we, as a race, were capable of greatness.

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